Your Guide To The Perfect Summer Wardrobe

Summer this year in many countries is a lot hotter than it has ever been before. This could be in part due to climate change and in part possibly because of general weather cycles. Regardless of what the cause might be, you want to be dressed right for this summer and those to come!

The Perfect Summer Wardrobe Guide

There are a few changes you could make to your wardrobe to ideally tailor it to best suit your summer needs. We’re going to share a few tips and pointers with regard to the same to help give you a clearer sense of what you should do!

Colors Matter

Though we all love our blacks and dark blues, colors really make a difference when it comes to summer wear.

We’re not just talking about personal comfort but also about aesthetic appeal. It always helps to pick lighter shades when it comes to shirts and t-shirts for the summer. Lighter colors like white, beige, military green and light blue are just some possible shade options you can look into. These will keep you cool and look appealing simultaneously!

Fabric Matters Too

Another thing to pay heed to when stocking up on a summer wardrobe is the fabric used in the items you purchase.

Avoid nylon and other thick materials which do not allow for much circulation of air. Fabrics that are great for summer include cotton, fresco, khaki, and silk to name a few. These fabrics allow you to breathe and weigh light when worn during the summers.

 men's summer blazers

Summer Blazers

Though it is summer, there will be occasions that might require you to wear a blazer. This could be a semi-formal office dinner or a wedding party. It always makes sense to own at least one summer blazer. This would probably be less insulated and padded. It would also be made from lighter materials. Summer blazers help you maintain that semi-formal classy look without melting in the clothes you’re wearing!


No summer wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of good shorts. You get shorts in all sorts of shapes, cuts, and sizes. We’re not suggesting you go for a pair of floral Bermuda pants. There are many manufacturers that make stylish shorts that go well with shirts, polos and t-shirts alike! Grabbing a pair or two of these is advisable!


Last but not least, summer accessories are the icing on the cake. We’re talking hats and sunglasses primarily here! Though neither of these is necessarily essential you would do well to own both. A little protection from the UV rays of the sun would likely take you a long way!


Dressing for the season is extremely important both for you and for your personal aesthetic! If you follow the tips and pointers above, you should be good to go! For those of you looking to buy non-iron dress shirts, belts, and other men’s fashion clothing online, come on over, check out our product lists or give us a shout for more info!