Let Your Personality Shine Through With These Men Fashion Trends

Summer is starting and so is fashion week, showcasing trends and styles of the New Year, ready to grace the covers of magazines and the bodies of all style lovers in the industry and beyond!

As a leader in this industry, we thought to collect all the information we could find regarding these trends so you can prepare your wardrobe for the summer months:

1. Checks in Vintage Style

While these trended more for women’s fashion, we’re glad that vintage checks have finally made their way into men’s style as well. Paired with a patterned tie and white, slim-fit shirt, these checks are just stylish enough to be worn for formal and semi-formal events.

2. Turtleneck with Suits

This year with classic suits, we’re seeing a true pairing of turtleneck sweaters that are stylish and sleek, not to mention perfect for all occasions. Turtlenecks are usually worn in hot weathers, but you can pair them with a light short jacket for those summer days.

3. Camel


Rich, luscious shades of brown are in, especially camel. Unique in its own style, this color can be worn with a variety of different shades and can be either worn as a sweater, a jacket or even sneakers. Pair it with blue jeans, a contrasting piece of clothing and you’re good to go.

4. Soft Fabrics

Comfort clothing is quite in for 2018, with more focus on velvet, suede, and other tangible fabrics - anything that was previously used for winter and fall but can now be paired with softer hues and textures for a warm, neutral but cozy look.

5. Military Wear


 This trend isn’t new, but it is making rounds again in a big way. Aside from using the camouflage colors such as khaki, army green and brown among others, the camouflage style is also being incorporated for jackets with large pockets and an armor-like look.

6. Color Coats


Darker hues for everyday formal looks have become a classic choice now. Added to create a sense of vibrancy in an otherwise uniform (read: black and white) men’s style, the shades are a much-needed pop of color that take a simple suit-look to a whole new level.

7. Ath-leisure


While popular, athletic-leisure style is not one that can’t be improved beyond what it is. Many are now using sports details and items in their everyday look, making for a sophisticated but active style that’s just relaxed enough to be worn on a number of occasions.

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