Men’s style Hacks from Top Stylists

What separates a professional stylist from a layperson or fashion enthusiast? Besides the degree of experience and sheer knowledge with regard to trends and fashion, a stylist knows how to tailor a look around an individual. This ensures that the subject in question looks great by the time the stylist is done!

Though we can’t do a precise individual tailoring for all of our readers, we would like to share some major style tips over the course of this blog!

Style Hacks from Top Stylists

The tips, pointers, and hacks offered below with regard to style have been put together after consulting with some of the most successful stylists the world over. Maybe you could use some of these to help shape up your personal aesthetic!

Stretching to Size

Though clothes shrink, they can also become stressed and unshapely. They may even become too short (t-shirts and sweatshirts in particular). One way to deal with this is to have someone hold the sides firm while you gently pull down and hold to your extended length. The natural give depending on the fabric in question should allow you to reshape misshapen shirts back to the right fit. You can even use an iron on a damp cloth to help with this.

safety pins


There are times when you might have a sudden hole, tear, button pop or rip in your clothes. Though the decisive way to deal with this is by going to a tailor, you can always pin your clothes as a temporary fix. Safety pins can be extremely effective.

Stains On, Stains Off

There are times when you might end up with a particularly stubborn stain on a new white shirt! Don’t take this as a sign to get rid of the shirt just yet. One thing you can try before giving up on your apparel is to bleach whatever clothing item has the stain on it.

For whites, in particular, this method can be quite effective. Bleach can, however, make darker colors run!

Belts and Such

Sometimes you might see an amazing belt which is just too large for you. It never looks good to overlap a belt hence it makes sense to get your belts altered. Leave yourself a few inches room both so that in case you lose or gain a few pounds, you don’t need to go rushing in to purchase another belt!

 designer belts


Pick and choose the footwear you use to complement your outfit. Further, it is imperative for men to keep their footwear spic and span regardless of if these are white sneakers or brown suede boots! Remember, people very often look at your feet and what is on them when sizing you up!


Dressing up and looking good is fun but it can also cost a pretty penny. Following the tips above help, you look dapper while avoiding needless money draining! If you’re looking to buy non-iron dress shirts, rachet belts, and other men’s fashion clothing online, come on over, check out our product lists or give us a shout for more info!