Complete Wardrobe Maintenance for The Classy Man

You may wonder how that guy who sits across from you at work always looks so effortlessly stylish when you always look like you just threw on whatever was available. You may also wonder how much time they put into their appearance this morning – and how early they had to wake to do so!

But what would do you good to remember is that fashion – and style – comes at a cost? And we don’t mean pricey shoes and suits that could cost you as much as everything in your closet does combine!

No, sometimes, the secret lies in how well you maintain your wardrobe. A well-maintained wardrobe cuts back on the time you spend in the morning picking out clothes to wear and preserves the life of the clothes you invested in.

Here, we will give you the lowdown on how to maintain your wardrobe to look your best at all times.

Organization matters!

You knew this was coming. A well-organized wardrobe significantly cuts back on time spent looking for clothes to wear.

When everything is in plain view, you just need to grab and go. Color coding, or organizing according to the type of clothing can be an easy fix to all those times you spend looking for the right shirt to pair with your jacket.

Invest in storage

An overstuffed wardrobe not only prevents you from seeing the full contents of your wardrobe but is also injurious to your clothes. Tightly packed wardrobes are breeding grounds for mold and musty smells. When storing clothes away for the season, make sure you invest in vacuum storage bags for folded clothes or cloth bags for hanging clothes to prevent dust, mold or critters from getting in.

Not all clothes are built alike


A number of articles of clothing are not made to be hung and can show signs of hanger marks, misshapen shoulders or even stretch out due to gravity. To make sure they last their longest, know what needs to be folded – such as knitwear – and what needs to be hung – shirts and suits.

The Wardrobe Essentials

To keep your clothes in tip-top condition, here are a few essentials you should invest in:

  • Natural wood hangers – these absorb moisture and preserve the shape of suits and jackets
  • Moth repellents – these prevent the appearance of critters that can damage your clothes
  • Steamer – this makes your clothes wrinkle-free without exposing them to the harmful effects of ironing
  • Fabric protectors – these protect your clothes from stains even before they occur


Washing your clothes too often can damage the thread and wear out even the best of materials fast. Remember, putting all your clothes in one wash may be faster, but it WILL leave all your white clothing a pretty shade of pink or blue.

Always separate colors and white when doing the laundry. Try allowing clothes to dry naturally instead of using the dryer; the dryer is the quickest way to suck the life out of your clothes.

With these tips, we hope to see your style turning over a new leaf with you now becoming the debonair man we know you are.

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