A Clueless Groom’s Guide to Dress Shirts

You’ve finally done it.

You’ve put the ring on that finger and now you’re well on your way to getting married to the love of your life. Everything is going according to plan and you couldn’t be happier, except for that one thing...

You’ve been tasked with buying a dress shirt for the wedding and you’ve just remembered that you don’t know the first thing about formal wear. That’s not to say you’re completely clueless but when it comes to buying a shirt for such a big occasion, you have the right to act a bit worried.

But have no fear! As a purveyor of designer shirts for men (and belts!), Mark Fred is here to guide you!

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress Shirt

Let’s talk about color first.

Usually, white is a safer bet because it complements the white of the bride’s dress. However, if the bride or her bridesmaids are wearing another color, or are going with a theme, you have the freedom to choose a different shade. If the bride has chosen a cream color dress, go with ivory or Ecru. If she’s chosen a different color altogether, go with a contrast. Pinks and blues are always good options.

Next, let’s talk about the thickness of the fabric.

Fabrics such as poplin and broadcloth are sheerer. So unless you plan to wear an undershirt, these choices are out of the question. Instead, go for thicker twill. This way, you’ll be able to take your jacket off and not worry about your body showing through the fabric. Not to mention that since twill is available in a non-iron slim fit option, you’ll have a wrinkle-free look that will drape your body in a flattering way.

When considering the length, go for a few inches longer than the usual. This will allow you to tuck the tails in and keep the bottom of your shirt better aligned. It will


also be one less thing to worry about since it won’t be slipping out while you’re doing the electric slide.


As for the collar, many do go for the wingtip or the bowtie but keep in mind that your collar will have the tendency to slip and move around so you may work better with a spread collar to make your overall look seem more relaxed.

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