The Cool Girl Staple: A Man’s Formal Shirt

Women and men have been - for years - trying to find ways to incorporate different gender-specific items of clothing in their own fashion style. The cool girl staple – the men’s formal shirt – is a testament to that.

Although it’s designed for men, many women wear it as a symbol of their own love for the fashion choice. They don’t care about its specification as an item of clothing for men only. They love it because it’s just a thing of fashion, not bound by rules.

If you want to join these women though, you should know these details about wearing men’s formal shirts!

The Gist of Wearing Men’s Formal Shirts

You’ll Love the Construction

Men’s formal shirts aren’t designed the same way a woman’s business shirts. They’re better constructed, are made with higher-quality fabrics, and are longer. They go past the hips and stay in your pants once you’ve cinched the belt, which is more than what one can say about the stretchy women’s shirts.

You’ll Find the Perfect Size and Cut

But if you’re unsure about your own measurements, go with the safe option of slim-fit. Online shops such as Mark Fred provide non-iron slim fit shirts with complete information on size as well, so you won’t have any problem fitting them around your bust either.

Why Slim Fits are better

Because they’ll have less fabric to hang over your pants! With men’s shirts, there’s always a chance that it would be too loose. This makes it seem like you’re a child image2_blog2_2ndplaying dress-up with a grown-up’s shirt. But with a snug slim-fit, you’ll be able to tuck the shirt in better and throw a jacket or sweater over.

Roll Up the Sleeves for a Better Look

If you’re not into cuffs, your best choice is to roll up the sleeves for a casual look. Known as the gangster look (seriously!), this makes you look very feminine, especially if you pair the shirt with a skirt and a necklace. Try it once if you’ll see the difference.

Ties and Vests are an Essential

Ties and vests bring the whole look together, but you need to make sure they don’t overwhelm your overall style. If you’re pairing a tie or a vest with a simple white shirt and a black skirt, choose a patterned, snazzy tie. With vests, make sure they’re well stitched to emphasize your curves.

Accessories are a Must

And by accessories, we mean hats, leather shoes, a classy men’s leather belts, anything to show off the combination of masculine and feminine styles.

Buying Men’s Shirts!

Now that you know enough about men’s shirts and how to wear them, buy one! As purveyors of men’s shirts and belts, we offer the very best selections for all our customers. Browse through our selection today!