Mark Fred

Patented Reversible Ratchet Belt 2 Colors (1 Belt)

$24.99 $49.99

The one and only hottest selling PATENTED REVERSIBLE RATCHET BELT!

Functions like a regular ratchet belt, easily remove buckle and cut to custom fit!

A Reversible genuine leather ratchet belt that now offers 2 colors so you can mix and match with the twist of the buckle!

This belt comes with a stunning automatic buckle.

This modern looking leather belt offers you the best of both worlds, in aspects of design and materials. 

Rather than wearing something bulky or too tight for your stomach, with our easy-to-loop-in belts you will never have to worry about perfect fitting again!

Our belts come with a minimally designed, yet powerfully portrayed finish.  It's charming matte touch, paired with perfect stitching is what allows the belt to make a stance of its own.  Making sure you are looking absolutely stunning during formal and casual appearances.