The Worst Fashion Mistakes a Man Can Make

You may not be the suavest of men at your workplace, but at least you know not to tuck your dress shirt into your jeans, right? Right? Think again!

You may be making a few style mistakes unknowingly that could be putting off all those women. Here are the worst style mistakes you could possibly make:

Sandals with Socks

Quite possibly the worst fashion disaster, pairing your socks with your sandals will end up making you look like a vacationing dad with no sense of style. Why would you pair sandals, designed to keep your feet airy and exposed and then cover your feet up with socks? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Instead, either choose to wear your sandals with pride, or switch to sockless sneakers.

Ill-Fitting Clothes


Leave the baggy jeans in the 90s! Whether too-tight or too-loose, ill-fitting clothes are never flattering! Whether it is a pair of jeans or your formal suit, a nicely tailored, the well-fitting outfit will play up your assets and make you the best-dressed man in the room with little effort. Walking around with your suit leg bunching around the ankles is doing no one a favor—and especially not your style.



No matter how hard you try, fedoras are never going to make you look “cool”. They’re old-fashioned, they’re immature and they make you look like you’re trying too hard!

Unless you’re going on a beach trip or out vacationing, leave all those caps and hats where they belong—out of sight!

Tucked Shirts


Tucking your dress shirt into your jeans just leaves you looking confused—are you dressed casually or are you dressed for business? It’s always better to tuck in your tailored shirts and leave your non-tailored shirts untucked.

Tip: If your shirt has long tails, it is meant to be tucked. If it doesn’t, let it be!



No, no, and a big solid no! While crocs may be highly comfortable, they are extremely unflattering and make you look like you couldn’t possibly care less about your appearance.

Low Cut V Necks


We get it. You work out regularly and have a solid pair of pecs to show off. But doing so with a low-cut V-neck shirt is not the way to go! The man cleavage has never been in and quite possibly never will be.

You’d be better off showing off all that hard work in a nice, tight—but not bursting at the seams—white t-shirt. Keep the bare pecs for the gym and the beach.

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