Mark Fred non-iron shirts for men are leading the pack when it comes to crease-free technology. Every Mark Fred non-iron shirt is made from pure cotton with a crisp collar and cuffs, sturdy twin-needle stitching and an excellent fit. Best of all, the only thing you need to do is wash and dry these shirts, and they’re ready to wear again.  

The magic of non-iron technology

We make our non-iron shirts with the same superb quality cotton we use for all our regular men’s shirts. The non-iron magic happens when we use a special treatment and high temperatures to lock the shirt’s fibres into a smooth state. This ensures that when the shirt is hung up to dry after washing, it stays remarkably crease-free.

Once you go non-iron, you’ll never go back

Because our non-iron shirts absorb less water in the washing machine, they keep their shape and color, they’re less likely to shrink, and they’re able to dry more quickly. After washing, all you need to do is hang the shirts to dry, or tumble dry them, and then they’re ready to wear. You can say farewell to your Sunday evening ironing session or the last minute morning scramble before work. And at the end of a long day, a man clad in a non-iron shirt will still look fresh as a daisy, while others will probably be sporting more than a few wrinkles.

A non-iron shirt should still feel soft

Proper non-iron fabrics should never contain any man-made fibres like polyester, as these can shine suspiciously in the sun and become unbearably hot. Mark Fred non-iron shirts are made from 100% cotton so they’re breathable, luxuriously soft, and just as comfortable as our regular men’s shirts.