How to Take Care of Your Dress Shirts


As an essential component of every man’s wardrobe, dress shirts make a huge difference to a person’s style. They can help the wearer pull off a formal or casual look without even trying, and aren’t as expensive as you’d think.

However, as available as they may be, you can’t always buy a new shirt when the old one starts looking a little worse for wear or requires washing and ironing to look pristine.

So as purveyors of quality men’s dress shirts online, we have dedicated this blog to help you take care of your shirts:

Easy Tips to Make Your Dress Shirts Look Good

Be Respectful of Your Clothing

Are you really going to keep wearing your $35 shirt after you’ve come home from work? Instead of wearing it all day and night just because you’re lazy, take it off as soon as you get home and hang it up.

Use a Good Laundry Detergent

The wrong washing detergent might just ruin your shirt forever. Use something gentle that fights the stains but doesn’t affect the fabric strength or color. Use fabric softener as well so your clothes smell fresh.

Pay Attention to the Label for Washing Instructions

Labels have all the instructions you need to make your dress shirt look good for a long time. Most shirts require a delicate cycle with cold water and gentle detergents so there is minimal shrinkage and not much strain on the fabric. Read the care label before washing any clothes.

Be Aware of Dinner Etiquetteimage2_blog4_1st

Lay your napkin on your thighs or spread it across your collar, folding the edges between your neck and collar. If you do get a splatter on your shirt, use cold water or seltzer water. Dap a bit of talcum powder immediately on the stain, and clean it as soon as you get home.

Keep the Collar Clean

Sweat can lead to discoloration, especially around the collar. Before throwing your shirt in the wash, use a detergent and lightly scrub the collar, then wash it. And when wearing your shirt, try to keep your hair products away from your collar. If you’re using them, allow those gels, waxes or tonics to dry before you don your shirt.

Ironing is Important

While Mark Fred takes care of this little dilemma by offering non-iron shirts, we can’t say the same for other brands and fabrics. Always iron your shirt after you wash them and hang them in your wardrobe so they don’t get any stubborn wrinkles.

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