How To Measure

To ensure the perfect fitting belt, we provide three made to measure fit options.

Option 1: Loop a loose measuring tape (or “tailor’s tape”) through the belt loops on your favorite pair of pants. Pull the tape snug (like a belt) and input the number where the ‘zero’ overlaps.

Option 2: Lay your old belt on a flat surface. Measure the distance from the current hole you use to the base of the buckle. Input your measurement to the nearest half inch.

Belts commonly run 3 inches larger than one’s pant size. If you input your pant size, we will craft your belt exactly 3 inches larger.
For example: a size 34 pant = a size 37 belt.

If you are unsure of your size and don’t want to “risk it”, you can request an Upton Fit Kit. Once you’ve placed your order, an Upton Fit Kit will be mailed to you. The included tape measure and instructions will allow you to determine your perfect belt size.

Upon receiving your specifications, we will craft your custom-fit belt.