How to Get the Right Belt – A Guide

As one of the most useful and versatile accessories for men, you’d think it would be easy to buy a leather belt. However, there’s more to purchasing a premium quality belt than just the place you buy it from.

Here is a short guide on how you can get a belt that suits your personal taste.

Basics of Men’s Belts

The Belt Length

If you’re buying dress belts, make sure there’s enough leather left after you’ve fastened it through the buckle. There should be enough so it can be tucked into one or two loops, but not so long that you’d have to wrap your belt around your waist twice.

If you do suspect that your belt will be too long, have it cut down to a custom fit. This’ll save you the trouble of returning the belt if you get the wrong size.

The Belt Buckles

The larger the buckle, the less formal it will look.

Typically, dress belts have small, simple buckles that tend to err to the more elegant style of design. Larger buckles are more suited for casual styles. When searching for a good buckle, choose one that goes with the rest of your male jewelry i.e. cufflinks, tie clips, watch dial etc. Silver should go with silver, gold should go with gold.

The only exception is a wedding ring since that is independent of your distinct style.

The Belt Color

Leather belts should match your collection of leather clothing as well. Wear a black leather belt with black leather shoes. Fine polished brown shoes should go with a highly polished brown belt and so forth. If you’re wearing a casual belt, you may have more freedom in style.

However, belts with patterns should be worn with simple attire, since they are quite eye-catching.

Buying the Beltimage2_blog3_1st

Where you buy men’s belt from, matters! Companies like Mark Fred that are dedicated to offering quality and craftsmanship are your best choice for buying accessories and clothes online.

Knowing that your belt comes from a high-end brand plays a major factor, and assures you that you’re getting your money’s worth.

The Bottom Line…

Leather belts are essential for every man’s wardrobe. By following the guide above, you’ll be able to buy the right belt that will not only suit your individual style but will also complete your look!