A Modern Man’s Essentials for a Classic Wardrobe


It’s known that fashion is constantly changing. Traditionally it was the ladies that paid more attention to latest trends and making sure their wardrobe only consisted of the latest styles but in the last decade or men are also paying attention to how they’re dressed.

Men’s clothing has transformed to the typical blacks, blues, and grays, to include more colors. Their formal attire is now less ‘stuffy’, it’s more tailored and is a little edgier than it was in the past.

With that being said, even the modern man needs some classics in his wardrobe. The slim-fit trousers and loafer aren’t going to cut it in a formal meeting with top business professionals.

Here are some essentials modern men need for a classic wardrobe.

1) Classic plain white dress shirts

You can’t go wrong with a superior quality, solid white dress shirt. White shirts are a staple for formal business attire. Something about a crisp white shirt under a tailored suit screams professionalism. It may not be the most ‘original’ outfit but it will always remain a must-have.

When purchasing a white dress shirt, make a point to check the quality of the fabric; the more stitches there are in an inch of fabric, the greater the quality.

Take a look at our iron-free shirts. They are available in classic whites, pale blue and pale pink.

2) A red tie

Like a classic white shirt, red ties go with everything. Whether you’re wearing a navy blue or charcoal grey suit, a red tie will always work.


3) Brown/Black Dress shoes

Loafers may work with chinos but not formal trousers. Invest in high-end dress shoes. Brown dress shoes can be paired with all the typical colors for suits.


4) Leather belts

Men’s formal looks aren’t complete without a belt. If you’ve invested in high-end suits and trousers, you need well-designed, high-quality belts to match.

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