A Groom’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress Shirt


It’s finally here—the day you’ve been waiting for. All the preparations for your wedding are complete and you’re excited, a little anxious and ELATED—all in one!

There’s one teeny tiny thing that’s got you worried, though. Tasked with buying a dress shirt for the big day, you’ve come to the horrible realization that you’re pretty much clueless about formal wear.

This where we come in. Follow this guide to find the perfect wedding dress shirt!

Let’s Talk Fabric Color

First off, the color of your dress shirt is crucial to get right. If your partner’s ensemble complements yours, it’ll make for some amazing wedding pictures. Usually, a white dress shirt is the safest bet for such an important occasion. It fits perfectly if your partner is wearing something predominantly white or ivory colored. If they’re opting for anything leaning toward cream-hued, you should stay away from white. Instead, try out an ivory dress shirt.

Collar Style

The most popular collar styles are the bowtie or the wingtip. A spread collar may work better as your collar is likely to slip and move around over the course of the day. Dress shirts with spread collars make the groom look more at ease.


Shirt Length

There’s a simple rule of thumb to remember here. If you plan to spend the entire day/night with your shirt tails tucked nice and tight into your pants, opt for a longer shirt.

A longer shirt will offer a better alignment with your trousers.

Fabric Thickness

Your shirt’s fabric thickness will depend on whether you plan on wearing an undershirt or not. If you don’t, then go for thicker twill.

Want to bust some moves on the dance floor? Go ahead! Even if you decide to take your jacket off, your shirt will not be see-through. In case you’re wondering how you can get through the end of the day with a wrinkle-free look, there’re options available in a non-iron slim fit shirt that’s perfect!

Perfect-Fit Affordable Dress Shirts

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