5 Clothing Accessories All Men Should Have

For a fashionable gentleman, some accessories are essential to complete the look. Accessories such as cufflinks, watches and tie clips among others upgrade your overall style, taking you from just looking good to looking great.

But these aren’t the only accessories worth mentioning!

Tie – Solid Black and Navy

Just as you need solid black and brown shoes in your wardrobe, you also need black and navy ties for that formal and semi-formal look. Both colors are perhaps the most acceptable of the bunch, since they add a bit of finesse to the style, and provide a classic touch to the color scheme as well.  You’ll have to keep an eye on the width of the tie though since it will need to go together with your body type.

Dress Socks

White socks are a thing of the past. Your everyday socks should be thicker and heavier, especially if you’re working outdoors or in colder weather. Buy thicker socks, and don’t forget to reserve some pairs for those semi-formal or casual days. And be bold when making your choices. There’s no reason why you can’t buy fun socks if you’re the only one seeing them.

Formal Belts – Black and Brown

You have a collection of formal black and brown shoes. Why not complement the color and finish with men's black leather belt? Learn the difference between finish for belts (matte, wet) and buy the best belt online that money can buy. Match them to your watchstrap when wearing them to create uniformity in your look.

Casual Belts – Black and Brownimage2_blog3_2nd

You’ll wear these belts with your shorts, chinos, and jeans. Usually, mattes, these men’s leather belts are subject to more wear and tear so only purchase a reliable brand belt. You don’t want the leather flaking or tearing up while the rest of you look top-notch. Invest in your appearance.


Money clips do not a sophisticated man make. A man who carries a quality leather wallet is not only perceived as more accomplished but more stylish and that’s definitely something you want. Buy a black leather wallet if you’re clueless about your choices and maintain its material. Do not let it mold into the shape of your butt. Let it have its own sleek look.


You can tell a lot about a man from the accessories he wears. So be sure to carry the above accessories. These will help you exude an effortlessly chic look that will be the envy of all around you!